Games for Nongamers: Trivia!

There are almost as many trivia games in the world as there are trivia questions. To help you get guessing right away, here are some of our favorites.

Trivia Crack

‣ Who wrote Black Beauty? What’s the longest home run in MLB history? Trivia Crack hits you with a flurry of questions about everything from art to science to history. And with adorable characters everywhere, it feels about as welcoming as games get.

Trivia Crack tip: If you chose Cinderella, you need to watch more animated movies.

Rounds come in two flavors: Classic (you versus another player) and Challenge (quick live bouts against multiple players). Both offer bite-size fun, especially when you battle Facebook friends.

    Trivia Crack

    Play Fun Trivia Quiz Questions


HQ—Live Trivia Game Show

‣ Clear your schedule! Every day of the week, HQ brings you a live trivia show where you compete for real-world money. Just log on at 9 p.m. ET (and 3 p.m. ET on weekdays) to join the thousands—sometimes millions—of other contestants.

Part of the fun of HQ: seeing how many players picked each option.

The questions, read by comedian Scott Rogowsky and other hosts, cover everything from food to pop culture. Some are surprisingly brutal—more than worthy of the “Savage Question” stamp that appears when most players flub the answer. Correctly answer 12 out of 12, though, and you’ll split that session’s cash prize with anyone else who aced all the questions.

Extra lives add a wild card to the mix: You can use one per game to remain eligible for the big prize—even if you miss a question. Previously obtainable only when you invited another player, these coveted power-ups are now available as an in-app purchase—and could be just what you need to reach the winner’s podium.

    HQ Trivia

    Win real cash


SongPop 2—Guess the Song

‣ All those years of mixtape-making finally pay off when you play SongPop 2. In live rounds against one opponent or a small party, you have mere seconds to identify the song title or artist of the track piping through your speaker. You’re graded on speed and accuracy, so you’d better nail both!

In SongPop 2, barely eking out a victory makes it that much more satisfying.

The competition is wicked intense, but the game’s playlists may impress you even more. Choose from more than 2,000 (!), which span dozens of genres and decades (’70s punk, ’90s hip-hop). Or opt for artist-specific lists, like Lady Gaga and Metallica. With all that variety, nothing else matters.

    SongPop 2 - Guess The Song

    Join millions of music lovers!


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