Games for Nongamers

What makes these silly sports a hole-in-one? Tap to find out.

Some sports games overwhelm you with complex rules and simulations. But not here. These titles offer up simple, arcade-y fun you can learn in seconds. You’ll go pro in no time!

Start with lightweights like Blade and Joe Average, and eventually unlock much tougher brawlers.

Smash and bash

Rowdy Wrestling gives you one objective—knock your opponent out of the ring—and makes that hilariously tricky by limiting your movement. Your retro stick-figure fighter can only jump, dash left or right, and swing his arms in a circle, though that’s more than enough to dish out serious punishment.

Stun your rival with a running jump kick or a chair to the head. Twirl your arms wildly until a lucky punch sends your foe over the ropes. Rounds are quick, intense, and bursting with old-school charm.

    Rowdy Wrestling

    Wild Wrestling Action

May pin after pin fall to your relentless rolling ball!

Lane of no return

‣ Right from the get-go, Kingpin Bowling enhances this recreational sport in two fundamental ways: Each roll lasts forever (or until your ball hits an obstacle), and there are rails to prevent gutter balls. That means you can calmly focus on steering the ball away from hazards and into coins and toppling popcorn tubs. A funky ’70s soundtrack and psychedelic bonus levels get you into the groove.

    Kingpin Bowling

    Endless arcade bowling.

No fluff, no distractions—just you and the hole. You’ve got this.

Birdies and bluffs

‣ Forget gorgeous foliage and ocean views. Desert Golfing drops you on an arid dirt course that’s pretty much infinite. The drag-and-shoot controls couldn’t be easier, but getting the ball over sharp peaks and out of steep valleys really tests your skills.

Flubbed your last few shots? Don’t worry. The game sends you from hole to hole without pause and automatically saves where you left off.

    Desert Golfing

    Infinity in your pocket

Lining up waves while evading balloons and other dangers will keep you plenty busy.

Catch some waves

‣ In Surfingers, create a safe path for surfers as they glide along the water. To do that, raise and lower waves on the fly so riders go over and under treacherous obstacles, like birds and periscopes. The unusual mix of timed puzzles and arcade action is easy to get into, and even when your athletes wipe out, they’re a joy to watch.


    Endless Arcade Surfing Game


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