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Toss darts, answer trivia, and pitch a tent. Tap to learn more.

It’s here: your new career. Will you be a pro darts player, game show contestant, or full-time vacationer? With these easy-to-play games, pick your passion and go for it.

When you see that slo-mo slipstream effect, you know you’re about to notch some big points.

Right on target

‣ Maybe you’ll never hit back-to-back bull’s-eyes in real life. But with practice, you can do it in Darts Club. Throwing is as simple as positioning your dart in the game’s first-person view, then gently swiping to launch it toward the board.

Between heated online duels and exciting special events, a fun match is always seconds away. And the steady stream of dart upgrades and other rewards will keep your competitive fires burning white-hot.

    Darts Club

    Real Time PvP Challenge

Millionaire’s questions span all sorts of topics—from baseball to geography to detective fiction.

Your final answer

‣ Trivia buffs—and fans of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?—will have a blast with this globe-trotting version of the famous quiz show. Players tour the world, taking on tricky multiplayer matches in Rio, Tokyo, and other virtual cities.

The different locations put their own spin on the game: Each city lets you call on unique historical figures knowledgeable on certain subjects. Naturally, if you’re stumped on “What is the hardest known mineral?” (diamond) or “What type of food is spaghetti?” (pasta), you can also poll the audience or use a 50/50. However you do it, nailing that $1 million answer feels great every time.

    Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

    Fun TV Show Quiz & Trivia Game

Spend some time with Pocket Camp and you’ll end up with a decked-out campsite like this one.

Friends forever

‣If you’re more interested in getting some fresh air than getting paid, you should feel right at home in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The whole point of Nintendo’s cheery social simulation is traveling to scenic spots and making friends.

On breezy islands and in creekside forests, you’ll fish, plant flowers, and pick fruit—and share these resources with A.I.-controlled animals to win them over. Craft furniture and other items to decorate your campsite, which other human players can come visit. (You’ll meet plenty of them on your journey too.) Pocket Camp’s peaceful collecting and positive vibe make it a delightful, family-friendly escape.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Decorate your dream campsite!


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