Games for Nongamers

Featuring dancing birds, dangling cars, and daring planes.

These games don’t have complicated controls or steep learning curves. Armed with simple swipes and taps, you’re fully equipped to explore wild new worlds where ostriches dance, deer talk, and biplanes skim along floating mountains.

Ostriches might not be able to fly, but they sure can dance.

Shake your tail feather

They can run surprisingly fast, and (according to popular myth, anyway) bury their heads in the sand when scared. But who knew ostriches also liked to boogie down?

In Ostrich Among Us, you control a music-loving megabird trying to mimic your ostrich pals as they bust a move. Swipe and tap to stay in sequence with your dancing friends as they squat, shuffle, and—you guessed it—stick their heads in holes.

Get through a whole song without missing a beat and you’ll move on to a new level and a new tune. You might even earn enough coins to outfit your ostrich with a baseball cap, a pharaoh’s headdress, or some other emu-sing new hat.

    Ostrich Among Us

    Rhythm Game Gone Wild!


A real cliffhanger

What would you do if your car ended up dangling precariously on the edge of a seaside cliff? Would you revisit the choices you’d made in your life? Or have a therapy session with a telepathic deer?

You’ll do both in Far From Noise, choosing between various dialogue bubbles to shape the personality of your imperiled character.

Although the situation seems dire, Far From Noise is an oddly soothing experience. Especially once the sun sets and a majestic buck shows up, sharing transcendental teachings inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. There’s nothing quite like it.

    Far from Noise

    A conversation on a cliff edge

Surf well enough and you too can unlock this adorable turtle.

Touch and go

Quick landings and smooth takeoffs are part of basic pilot training. What they don’t cover in flight school is dodging giant floating rocks or scooping up coins hovering in midair—two essential skills in Sky Surfing.

Swiping up and down to control your biplane’s altitude, you’ll zip between narrow openings in towering stone pillars and grind along the surface of grass-topped outcroppings (dubbed “surf charging”). Do this enough and your biplane rockets forward at incredible speed, immune to harm for a short time.

Crashing into an obstacle ends your run but gives you a chance to cash in the upgrade tickets you’ve earned. You can even transform your plane and the world around it—turning the aircraft into a fish swimming among coral reefs, perhaps, or a butterfly darting among giant trees.

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