Games for Nongamers

Nurture nature with these environmentally conscious games.

Whether you’re building an undersea sanctuary or helping a tree stretch its limbs, these games make respecting and protecting the environment easy and entertaining.

Splash lets you share pics of your growing sanctuary.

Underwater overhaul

‣ A storm has devastated an idyllic coral reef, and repairing the damage is more than a young turtle can handle solo. Luckily, he’s got your help.

Splash: Ocean Sanctuary puts you in charge of a sheltered corner of this vibrant undersea paradise, where you’ll hatch angelfish, seahorses, and dozens of other exotic marine creatures. Nurture these aquatic beauties until they’re fully grown, then release them back into the reef.

As you decorate your sanctuary with an array of colorful coral, you’ll see it expand along the ocean floor. Who knew being an underwater architect could be so relaxing?

    Splash: Ocean Sanctuary

    Raise fish, save a coral reef

Interesting close-ups earn big points in Snapimals.

Wild smiles

‣ The only shooting that goes down in this giddy safari happens with a camera. In Snapimals, use your shutterbug instincts to capture the perfect wildlife pics. Under the guidance of the eccentric Captain, your goal is to fill a museum with photos of cute, comical critters. Elephants, tigers, rhinos, and others are just waiting for their close-up.

Your photos are graded on different criteria, like framing and what you’ve managed to capture the animals doing. Snap a photo of a chimp gleefully riding a giraffe? Folks will line up to see that one!

    Snapimals Love Amazing Animals

    Discover nature's silly side!

Under Leaves’ gorgeous scenes hold lots of camouflaged snacks.

Natural wonders

‣ As you explore diverse ecosystems in the beautiful hidden-object hunt Under Leaves, your goal is to find food for dozens of animals, whether that’s chestnuts for wild boars or sea urchins for turtles.

The breathtaking watercolor landscapes are packed with detail—which makes it tricky to spot all the hidden shrimp for your hungry platypus. A clue system nudges you in the right direction if you get stuck, but the tranquil music and sumptuous art make this an experience you won’t want to rush.

    Under Leaves

    Colorful hidden object game

Steer clear of red orbs: they infect Prune’s trees.

Seek the sun

‣ A sprouting sapling stretches its branches toward the light, but it won’t get there without your green thumb. With careful pruning, your tree will grow until its tallest twigs erupt with beautiful, sun-kissed blossoms.

Prune is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind puzzle game. Its striking visual style is reminiscent of minimalist Japanese art, while the serene music calms frayed nerves. As you gently slice away branches, you’ll get an instinctive feel for how to best guide your tree around obstacles until it reaches the life-giving sunlight.

The message? Only with careful tending will the natural world around us thrive and grow. And when it does, the hard work will be worth it.


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