Get Your Dad Into Games

Turn your father into a player with these great games.

Your dad may be great at baking cupcakes, fixing electronics, and throwing a Frisbee, but maybe he’s not quite as versed in videogames. Time to change that! Introduce him to this collection of supremely fun, easy-to-play experiences that the two of you can tackle together. Who knows? You just might end up with a new gamer in the family.

Rack ’em up

Pocket Run Pool is billiards-on-the-go with slick, simple controls. Just aim and swipe to knock balls around the table. Pockets have rotating score multipliers—sink the nine ball in a 10x pocket and add a sweet 90 points to your tally. Refine your strategy to run the table and get the highest score possible—then challenge Dad to top you.

    Pocket Run Pool

    Arcade pool is back!


Speaking volumes

‣ There’s no dialogue in Old Man’s Journey, but this evocative adventure has a lot to say about love, loss, and reconciliation. Swipe painterly landscapes to open pathways for an aging father, as he travels from idyllic pastures to storm-lashed coastlines. Flashbacks slowly reveal the heartfelt story—an emotional odyssey that Dad (and you) won’t soon forget.

    Old Man's Journey

    A game about life, loss & hope


Buzz in to win

‣ Is Dad a know-it-all? Let him put his virtual money where his mouth is in Jeopardy! World Tour, a fast-paced adaptation of the beloved TV staple. Track each other’s leaderboard standings for some friendly trash-talking, or sit side by side and tackle clues as a team. We’ll take “Awesome Bonding Experiences” for $500, Alex.

    Jeopardy! World Tour

    America's Favorite Quiz Show®


Building block party

‣ It’s been around for more than a decade, but the ever-evolving sandbox game Minecraft has lost none of its creative charm. Dad can run wild in his own world-size workshop, constructing houses out of blocks of wood, stone, or even gold. Play together to show him the ropes or team up on epic projects. A mountaintop castle with a lava moat? Sure—why not?


    Create, explore and survive!


Fight for glory

‣ Dad might not know that MOBA stands for “multiplayer online battle arena,” but the delightful skirmishes of Brawl Stars will make him an instant fan. Form a team and wield crazy weapons and zany abilities as you fend off cartoony opponents in bite-size online matches.

    Brawl Stars

    3v3 and Battle Royale