GIFs Made Easy

Get animated with these apps.

A picture can be worth a thousand words—especially if that image is an animated GIF.

Whether you’re trying to express a special sentiment, share a moment, or pile on a meme, these great apps can help you create GIFs that are all your own.

Giphy Capture

Giphy Capture, made by the company behind one of the largest libraries of ready-made GIFs on the web, is an easy-to-use app for recording your Mac’s screen, adding (and animating!) annotations, and turning the result into an animated GIF with just a few clicks.

    GIPHY Capture. The GIF Maker




Gifox can record a specific window or section of your Mac’s screen, which makes it great for capturing quick screencasts that you can export as GIFs. The app also includes a slew of options for tweaking the quality and size of your GIF.

    Gifox 2

    GIF Recording & Sharing


PhotoScape X Photo Editor

Although primarily a photo editor, PhotoScape X is a handy tool for creating an animation from a sequence of photos. Apply the app’s moody filters and effects to create GIFs with real personality.

    PhotoScape X - Photo Editor



GIF Brewery

Purpose-built for building GIFs, GIF Brewery can trim and crop video from your Mac’s screen or camera, or from a video file you’ve imported. Add text, tweak colors, apply filters, stickers, and overlays—this app can do it all. GIF Brewery also excels at exporting GIFs that strike the perfect balance between quality and file size.

    GIF Brewery 3 by Gfycat



Cinemagraph Pro

Want a truly unique GIF? Look to Cinemagraph Pro, which turns a full-motion video into an animated image where you choose what moves—and what doesn’t. Imagine a GIF depicting ocean waves breaking on the shore while people on the beach stand motionless, or a person walking down a sidewalk while cars on the street are frozen in time.

    Cinemagraph Pro

    Imagery That Gets Noticed



While ScreenFlow is best known for letting you make beautiful screencasts and instructional videos, it’s also a handy GIF maker, thanks to its advanced video-editing timeline and tools for adding captions, effects, voice-overs, and more. Impressive GIF compression is a welcome bonus.

    ScreenFlow 9

    Screen Recorder & Video Editor