The Witness

The celebrated puzzle adventure is out now on iOS.

The Witness is on iPhone and iPad. Yes, the same spectacular puzzle game that blew critics and players away when it debuted on consoles last year is all here—every last enigma included, all of its tropical splendor on vivid display, and the end experience is every bit as incredible. If you’ve already heard about the indie favorite, you’ll know why this is such a big deal. And if you haven’t, well, don’t worry—we’re gonna catch you up.

It starts with an island. You wake up on it. Aaaaand, go.

The Witness features an atmospheric, mysterious world filled with puzzles.

Explore in the first-person. Interact with the expansive world. Try to unravel a mystery that spans dozens of hours. You’ll quickly learn there’s much more to this paradise than stunning beaches and lush jungles. There’s no wildlife. You won’t find any people. And yet, for some inexplicable reason, there are thick electric cables strewn about that stretch in every direction towards mysterious puzzle panels.

Simply trace your finger across the puzzles to complete them.

Why are you here? Where’s everyone else? And what’s going on? The island may hold the answers to your questions, but you’ll need to puzzle them out. This is a huge, challenging, ambient game unlike any you’ve played on iPad and iPhone before. And we couldn’t be happier to reveal that it arrives on our devices with new streamlined touch controls and Metal-enhanced graphics.

Check back tomorrow when we chat with game director Jonathan Blow and detail some of our favorite things about the unique effort.

    The Witness