Mind Mapping for Beginners

Be a more brilliant brainstormer with MindNode.

MindNode – Mind Map & Outline

Mind Mapping, Brainstorm Ideas


Articulating a complex idea can be a challenge, but fortunately MindNode—which simplifies a technique known as mind mapping—can make the process a whole lot easier.

The app lets you create a diagram where an overarching idea branches off into related ones. You’ll be able to zero in on specifics and zoom out to see the entire concept in all its complexity.

To start, enter your core idea, then attach additional “nodes,” or subtopics. Each can split off into subnodes, which in turn can split off into subnodes of their own. If at any point you start to lose sight of the big picture, simply take a look at the running list of all the nodes you’ve created.

There’s more to mind maps than mere words: Include icons and images to liven them up or make nodes easier to find.

Beyond brainstorming, mind mapping is also helpful when you want to break a sprawling project down into concrete action items. If you’re tackling a big job, for example, you might list the various deliverables and what each entails—then turn those into tasks that can be checked off when completed.

To the left side of the screen, a searchable list of every branch you’ve created. To the right, robust formatting options to make your brainstorm look just so.

MindNode is also an easy way to brainstorm with coworkers. The app’s myMindNode sharing feature (click the share button in the top right of the main window and choose “myMindNode”) makes collaboration especially smooth. And after you share a mind map, anyone can view it with a web browser.