4 Podcasts to Listen to Now

Developer Kamilah Taylor’s favorites on diversity in tech—and Harry Potter.

Kamilah Taylor is a software engineer and writer who’s worked in iOS and robotics at LinkedIn, Wolfram Research, and the University of Illinois. She’s also a senior iOS consultant on the new AR app Krikey. Here are episodes that have topped her podcast playlist.

Three Unicorns

“It had only one season, but this podcast by three black women—Alona King, Lindsey Redd, and Michelle McGhee, who were all computer science students at Stanford—was really refreshing. It’s interesting to hear the perspective of smart women at the beginning of their career in the tech industry.”


“Host Scott Hanselman calls this show ‘Fresh Air for developers,’ and I love its diverse interviews. The ‘Removing Bias from AI and Machine Learning’ episode with Camille Eddy and the “March Is for Makers” episode with Zyrobotics founder Ayanna Howard both have valuable insights. Howard’s deeply passionate around the good that can come from robots while being hyperaware of their potential problems.”

Breaking Into Startups

“Hosts Ruben Harris and Artur and Timur Meyster interview many who’ve joined the startup world from unconventional backgrounds. One of my favorite episodes is #28 with Rodney Urquhart, a high school dropout who taught himself engineering and worked his way up to becoming a senior software engineer at Slack.”

MuggleCast: The Harry Potter Podcast

“My favorite podcast and one of the first I can remember listening to. They’ll talk about new stuff going on in the Harry Potter universe—the fandom, the movie actors, and more. And they make jokes I laugh at because I’ve read the books a million times too.”

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