Broken Age ™


This heartfelt sci-fi adventure immerses you in two touching (and bizarre) coming-of-age stories.

Shay is the sole human living aboard a spaceship, his only companion a cheery A.I. that guides him through his days.

Vella resides in a (largely) pacifist kingdom that routinely sacrifices a young adult to Mog Chothra—and Vella is the monster’s next victim.

Use the Space Weaver to help Shay warp across the galaxy.

While guiding both teens, you’ll explore quirky worlds with strange inhabitants, brought vividly to life through papercraft-like animation. The artistry and creativity of Broken Age are just what you’d expect from Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine, creators of Psychonauts and other classics.

Whether you’re chatting with a sentient spoon, a mysterious fox man, or other characters, the dialogue that drives Broken Age routinely veers in odd and hilarious directions. So do the puzzles—like your attempt to attach a whipped-cream gun to your spacesuit to fly around.

Your journey with Vella brings you to this charming cloud city.

Eventually you’ll see how Shay’s and Vella’s paths intertwine in the unlikeliest of ways. And as they do, you’ll realize just how grand an adventure you’re on.

    Broken Age ™