Make Your Fireworks Pop

3 apps for snapping a sparkly spectacle.

Fireworks are notoriously tough to film and photograph, even for pros. Our advice? Use these three apps to turn a quick clip into visual magic.

Add some sparkle with Kirakira+

The effect: Gorgeous glimmer that’s rich with color
How to use it: Swipe left or right to choose from 13 animated filters, then tap the sparkle icon at the top right to adjust the intensity of the effect. (Here we dialed “Shimmer” way up.)


    Photo & Video


Multiply the spectacle with Efekt

The effect: Kaleidoscope cool
How to use it: Swipe down on your video preview to see the full list of filters and select “Kaleidoscope.” Toggle through different styles (quadrupling, octupling, and more) by tapping the star icon in the lower left.

    EFEKT Video Effects & Filters

    Clip Editing, Glitch & Blur FX


Crank up the color with VSCO

The effect: Sensational saturation for nighttime shots
How to use it: VSCO is the perfect editor for punching up pyrotechnics. After increasing saturation and contrast with the app, we applied the FV5 preset, based on Fujifilm Velvia 50, to add a beautiful magenta cast. (As with all VSCO Presets, FV5 works on video and still photos alike.)

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

    Filters, Effects & Collages