Tame Your Slack Notifications

Tips to tailor the popular messaging app for you.

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Slack is a handy way to connect colleagues, friends, and fans of just about any subject into an online community. Here are five ways to tailor its settings to manage your notifications and get the most out of the app.

1. Prioritize important channels, silence the others

Get granular. Set notifications for specific channels by device.

Slack groups usually have multiple channels for different conversations. Although leaving a channel is one way to silence its alerts, there are less drastic measures to take.

Open the channel (or group message) in Slack and click on its title, then click on Channel Settings (the icon looks like a gear). Choose Notification Preferences in the dropdown, and from there you can choose to either “Mute Entire Channel,” ignore certain kinds of @channel pings, or choose to mute notifications specifically on desktop or mobile.

2. Suspend notifications when you’re busy

Spending the day working on something important? Mute Slack notifications for a channel by clicking the bell icon by your workspace name in the upper left corner of the app. Under the Snooze Notifications options, you can quiet Slack for as briefly as 20 minutes or up to 24 hours.

3. Schedule daily do-not-disturb times

Silence (at certain hours of the day) is golden.

You can also stop Slack from messaging you at the same time each day. Click the bell icon in the upper left corner and select Do Not Disturb Schedule from the dropdown. Here, set a specific time every day to silence Slack.

4. Wrangle your desktop and mobile alerts

In Slack’s notification preferences, you can limit both how and where you’re notified.

For example, you can choose to get alerts on your Mac and iPhone simultaneously, or only after your desktop has been idle. This is a great way to eliminate duplicate alerts.

5. Make good use of keywords

Keyword notifications work with words and emojis.

Keyword notifications can be set for any word or even an emoji (in case your boss signals important documents with).

Click the bell icon in the upper left corner, and select Your Notification Preferences from the dropdown. Toward the middle of the page, click into the My Keywords text box and enter all the keywords or emoji you always want to be notified about.

    Slack for Desktop

    Teamwork made easy