Leave the runway behind in this spectacular sim.

Airline Commander: Flight Game

A real airplane simulator


You’re a seasoned airline pilot, guiding your wide-body commercial jet to final approach at London’s Heathrow Airport. Flaps? Set. Landing gear? Lowered. Engine three? Just burst into flames. Welcome to the life of an airline commander!

What we love: Being the business mastermind and the captain in the cockpit. You don’t just fly planes in Airline Commander—you also earn cash to buy new ones. Eyeing that lucrative route out of Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport? First you’ll need to upgrade to a bigger plane and learn how to land in fog.

Smooth takeoff, steady turn—flying a plane’s a piece of cake!

Quick tip: Just like the real deal, these planes need a steady hand to keep them on course. Tilt your device gently and go easy on the throttle—even the slightest adjustments can make a huge difference in how your plane flies (or falls!).

Meet the creator: Italian developer Rortos sure loves to fly—the studio’s App Store games let you pilot commercial planes, helicopters, fighter jets, and more.