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PCalc may be the calculator app of choice among engineers, physicists, and jet-propulsion experts, but don’t be scared. It’s equally helpful to the arithmetically uninclined.

PCalc is customizable, which means you can tinker with infinite configurations, constants, and functions to build the calculator that works best for you.

PCalc makes everyday calculations simple for people who haven’t picked up a calculator in years.

Below are four features that make PCalc worthy as your number cruncher of choice.

The function: Custom layouts
Why it’s great: On a traditional calculator, you’re stuck with buttons that might not be relevant to the task at hand. But who needs “tan” and “x~m” when you just want to figure out your post-tax income? With PCalc, drag buttons around to build the perfect setup for you.

Start with a default template (some are built for simple math, while others have everything an engineer would need) and customize from there.

Add custom buttons for calculations you make often—like converting U.S. dollars to euros while on vacation.

PCalc even lets you create one layout for portrait mode (holding your iPhone vertically) and another for horizontal landscape mode. And you can change the size of the buttons (it’s somehow a little more satisfying to wrap up a calculation by tapping a supersize “=”).
How to tweak it: Tap the “i” icon, tap Vertical Layout or Horizontal Layout, then tap Edit to rearrange and redraw buttons.

The function: Custom buttons
Why it’s great: On PCalc, set custom buttons for quick access to numbers and calculations you use most often. Maybe you’d like one that automatically adds a 20 percent tip to your restaurant bill. Or one that calls up the mass of an electron. (We’ve all been there.)

Whether it’s a conversion, constant, or custom function, PCalc can turn it into a one-tap process. You can even share with fellow PCalc users those you’ve created.
How to tweak it: Tap the “42” button, visible in most layouts.

The function: Conversions
Why it's great: Conversions and functions are special types of custom buttons that automatically figure out the problems you need to solve over and over. Ever tried converting currency on the fly while traveling? Or Fahrenheit to Celsius? The math is simple, but the process can be tedious.

PCalc let you convert with two taps—you can even do it without launching the app. Simply 3D Touch its icon on your home screen or use your Apple Watch.
How to tweak it: Tap the A > B button, visible in most layouts.

PCalc’s exhaustive set of conversions means no more memorizing how many meters are in a mile (it’ s 1609.34).

The function: Virtual ticker tape
Why it's great: PCalc can display a running history of your calculations alongside the keypad, so you won’t accidentally double-count the kombucha when tallying your grocery budget.

A running tape makes it easy to keep track of complicated calculations as you go.

How to tweak it: Open Settings by tapping the “i” icon and toggle on Show Ticker Tape.


    The Best Calculator


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