Get More Out of Shazam

Yes, it can identify almost any song that’s playing—and a whole lot more.

Shazam: Music Discovery

Find songs, video & lyrics


Shazam gives music fans the power to instantly identify any song, anywhere, while it’s playing. But this game-changing app can do a lot more than tell you the artist and song title. Read on to tap into its full power.

Link your library

Shazam benefits from powerful integration with Apple Music’s catalog of over 75 million songs. Link the two apps to play any song you identify right inside Shazam and add the track to a My Shazam Tracks playlist in Apple Music.

When you hear a song and don’t know the artist, Shazam will save the day.

Go big or go local

With Shazam’s many searchable charts (available via the search field) you can keep an eye on what everybody else is trying to identify. See what's happening across the globe or drill down to your hometown by tapping Country and City Charts and searching for the nearest metro area.

Add Shazam to your Control Center for super-quick access.

Use Shazam in any app

To identify songs that are playing on TikTok or Instagram, or in other apps (even if you’re listening over headphones), launch Shazam’s Music Recognition from your iPhone or iPad’s Control Center. To enable this, go to your device’s Settings, select Control Center, and select Music Recognition.

Get the widget

The Shazam widget offers customizable views of your recent Shazams right on your Home Screen. If you want to find the name of a song that’s playing, tap the Shazam widget icon.

    Shazam: Music Discovery

    Find songs, video & lyrics