DC Universe

The Ultimate DC Membership


Fans of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman: Brace yourselves.

DC has just unveiled DC Universe, a first-of-its kind subscription service that gives you access to an exclusive selection of goodies. Get the comics, shows, movies, and merchandise, plus social features revolving around all your favorite heroes and villains.

It’s a streaming app, a reading app, a shopping app, a social network, and (yes!) an encyclopedia, all rolled into one. Here’s how it works on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

The are dozens of iconic and groundbreaking DC movies and TV shows to watch.


The major draws here are the app’s exclusive original content and its deep archival library. The first major new DC Universe show is Titans, a gritty live-action take on the Robin-lead team of teenage heroes. Next year will bring even more new shows: Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Stargirl, and Harley Quinn. All-new animated movies are on the way in 2019 too, including Reign of the Supermen, Justice League vs. Fatal Five, and Batman: Hush.

Just as good is the library of classic DC movies and TV shows. You’ll find Batman: The Animated Series, Super Friends, Young Justice, Static Shock, the Superman serials from the 1940s—an all-you-can-stream buffet of iconic programming.


As fans know, everything DC begins with the comics. No surprise, then, that DC Universe is a top-notch comics reader.

From Jack Kirby’s New Gods to major DC events like Flashpoint and Rebirth, having this app means carrying nearly every important and influential DC Comic in your pocket at all times. And yes, you can download your favorite comics for reading offline.

More than 80 years worth of comic-book lore is at your fingertips.

You’ll also find a massive DC encyclopedia with character bios and origin stories, details on their alliances, and annotations of the appearances they’ve made over the years. Impress (and possibly annoy) your friends by knowing everything.

There’s a News section too, where you can read up on all the new happenings across all things DC—or stream the talk show DC Daily, which recaps the headlines.

Even the biggest DC fans will learn a few things in the encyclopedia.


More exclusives! DC Universe has an entire storefront built in that’ll sell DC toys, clothing, and other items you won’t find anywhere else—from T-shirts and coffee mugs to jewelry and character statues. There’s also a great selection of hard-to-find DC merchandise—such as a replica of the Batwing plane from Batman: The Animated Series.

DC Universe is a place where DC lovers can geek out together.

Hang out

Because comics fans love to talk comics, the app has a section called Community, where subscribers can discuss—in forums moderated by DC itself—their favorite big-screen Batman, the latest DC comics crossover events, and even “Which Titan would you want to be trapped in an escape room with?” (We say Raven, since her powers of teleportation and telekinesis should be able to help us get outta there.)

    DC Universe

    The Ultimate DC Membership