Take the Perfect Halloween Photo

The lighting is tricky, but never fear. For perfect pics, tap right here.

It’s Halloween night and you’ve finally got everyone in their costumes and ready to head out trick-or-treating. But wait! Gotta get a picture!

If you want a photo that looks great today (and that your kids will want to #tbt in a decade), try these suggestions.

Step 1: Step into the light

‣ By the time trick-or-treating begins, it’s pretty dark out, so find a little illumination wherever you can get it. This could be under a streetlamp or near a window. Or give your kids a flashlight and have them light up their face like they’re telling a spooky campfire story. (Campfires work as light sources too.)

Step 2: Slide into your app

‣ The photo app Camera+ 2 works great in low light if you do this: Turn the flash off, then frame your subject and tap to lock focus. Remember: It’s fine if the image is dark overall, as long as your subject is well lit.

There’s an EV slider right beneath the camera—that stands for “exposure value.” Dial it down so the image darkens. The background might look a little underexposed, but you’ll shoot at a faster shutter speed, resulting in a less grainy photo.

Step 3: Play with perspective (and postproduction)

‣ Kneel to kid height (or have them sit on the stairs), and shoot in burst mode until you’ve captured the perfect expression. Then head over to Darkroom to make some edits.

On the Adjustments screen, bump up the Brightness and Contrast. Then scroll down to the Vibrance slider, and experiment until you hit the right mood.

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