Find the Perfect Book for You

How Apple Books makes reading easier—and more fun.

Apple Books

Books & audiobooks you’ll love


Apple Books has all the books you love and is packed with features that make it a favorite among even the pickiest readers. Here are just a few:

Discover a great read

Head to the Book Store tab for recommendations from our expert editors and collections curated by noted authors (complete with their personal take on each title). You’ll also find the books and audiobooks you’re currently enjoying—all in perfect sync, no matter what device you’re on.

Find great recommendations and collections on the app’s Book Store tab.

Now hear this

On the Audiobooks tab, discover new and trending titles to enjoy anywhere: Listen to a great novel on your commute with CarPlay or a gripping biography while working out with Apple Watch.

With the Apple Books app for Apple Watch, listen to your favorite books through your AirPods—no iPhone required.

Hit your goals

Want to set aside more time to read? The Reading Goals feature can help you get there. Tap “Today’s Reading” at the top of the Reading Now tab to personalize your targets: Set the number of minutes you want to read each day and books you’ll read this year, then track your daily reading as streaks.

Reading Goals beautifully displays your key stats.

Read (and listen) for free

There’s so much to enjoy on Apple Books entirely for free, including a sample of every book and audiobook. And you’ll find free and discounted titles in the Special Offers & Free section of the Book Store and Audiobooks tabs.

    Apple Books

    Books & audiobooks you’ll love