Life Is Strange’s prequel tells a moving tale of teenage rebellion.

Life is Strange: Before Storm

Choice-based narrative game


Life is complicated, joyous, terrifying…and definitely strange. Especially when you’re a 16-year-old girl navigating a troubled home, gossipy schoolmates, and the most important friendship of your young life.

Choose your words carefully with Damon Merrick: He’s Arcadia Bay’s most dangerous man.

The story-driven adventure Life Is Strange: Before the Storm casts you as Chloe Price, a rebellious, sharp-tongued teen. Over the course of three extraordinary episodes, Chloe forms an unlikely bond with Rachel Amber, a popular classmate who uncovers a secret that will change both girls’ lives.

While exploring locations in the seaside town of Arcadia Bay, you’ll discover clues that unlock new dialogue options with the game’s many characters. The choices you make—like whether Chloe is compassionate with her mom or reveals difficult truths—alter the course of the story.

Chloe reluctantly subs for another actress in her school production of The Tempest.

Thanks to the game’s authentic and compellingly acted script, you feel a deep connection to Chloe and others in her life. Mature themes abound: Chloe frequently breaks the law and takes risks that would give real-world parents a heart attack. But the game always treats its characters with tenderness and respect.

Rachel and Chloe’s sometimes turbulent relationship is the beating heart of Before the Storm.

If you’ve played the outstanding adventure Life Is Strange, you’ll find this prequel (set three years earlier) especially poignant, given how Chloe and Rachel’s tale unfolds in the original game. If you haven’t played it, this is the perfect chance to experience the two stories in chronological order—and gain deeper insight into Chloe’s fascinating personality.

Just be prepared for gut-wrenching moral dilemmas and heartbreaking drama. There is no calm before this storm.