Email Smarter With Spark

4 ways this powerful app helps you master your inbox.

Spark – Email App by Readdle

Love your email again


Inbox overload can make email feel like a chore, but Spark will help you take back control. Here are four ways this capable email client goes above and beyond to assist you in managing your messages.

Search naturally

Spark lets you perform powerful searches without having to remember convoluted syntax: Just type a query the way you’d say it—for example, “attachment to Sarah sent last week.”

Spark also offers a wide range of search criteria. For instance, you can look just for messages with links or with specific attachment types.

Don’t waste time sorting through email. Spark does the heavy lifting for you.

Smarten your inbox

Switch to Spark’s Smart Inbox and take the drudgery out of digging through your mail. The app categorizes and groups emails as they come in, separating personal messages from newsletters, notifications, and other communication. Best of all, unlike similar features for online email services, Smart Inbox works across all your accounts, giving you a single place to triage your mail.

Streamline notifications

Tired of getting notifications for email you’d rather ignore? Turn on Spark’s Smart Notifications feature to have newsletters, marketing emails, and other low-priority items delivered silently. Just go to Preferences > Notifications and select an email account to modify. Then choose Type: Smart. (If you have multiple email accounts, enable the setting for each of them.)

Cut down on the hassle of collaborative emails by working together in real time.

Work collaboratively

Composing an email as a group—whether it’s writing an important note to a client or crafting a sensitive reply about a family matter—usually requires a ton of back-and-forth. But Spark’s Teams feature makes the process a snap.

Start a message and everyone you invite to collaborate will be able to edit it simultaneously. Just as useful, the app’s chat panel lets the group discuss the message in real time.

    Spark – Email App by Readdle

    Love your email again