Diablo Is Coming to iOS

It’s big, it’s new, and it’s loaded with loot. Tap to learn more.

The Lord of Terror rises again. And this time, he’s bringing his limitless power to your iPhone and iPad. Diablo Immortal, the forthcoming entry in Blizzard’s seminal action role-playing series, is in the works.

Since its 1996 debut, Diablo has been the benchmark for the action role-playing genre. You’re out to save the world of Sanctuary from the Prime Evils—massive, powerful demons plotting to conquer the mortal realm. Aided by benevolent angels, you fight enemies large and small, while collecting epic weapons and employing a fantastical ability or two.

Built in partnership with developer NetEase, Diablo Immortal is more than just the first Diablo on iOS—it’s being designed expressly for mobile. Here’s what you need to know:

With good guys this tough, the bad guys don’t stand a chance.

It tells a new tale

Diablo Immortal is set between Diablo II and Diablo III. The protective Worldstone has been shattered, its powerful fragments scattered across Sanctuary. And where there’s a potent, broken relic, there are bound to be evildoers.

The big bad is Skarn, Herald of Terror. His goal? To lead his demonic army across the land, gathering the Worldstone shards to resurrect the all-powerful, nightmarish demon lord Diablo.

For fans, that means revisiting their old stomping grounds. “You’ll see Westmarch during its golden age,” says lead game designer Wyatt Cheng. And you’ll roam unfamiliar locations, like the Shassar Sea, a region in eastern Kehjistan.

It’s online—and cooperative

Immortal expands Diablo’s beloved gameplay into a massive, shared online world—one to explore solo and alongside fellow heroes. In the sprawling public hub of Westmarch, upgrade gear, craft items, and team up to raid dungeons in search of especially lucrative loot.

“We’ll have dungeon instances—similar to World of Warcraft—that allow you to form groups of four to take on more difficult challenges,” confirms Cheng.

Anxious to test your skills against other demon hunters? Cheng says that while Blizzard is “interested in including systems that allow you to experience a sense of competition and danger from other players,” the nature of hunter-versus-hunter play is still being determined.

Giant monsters, scary Necromancers, punchy Monks—yep, it’s definitely Diablo.

It’s got class

The best way to deal with Diablo’s monstrous minions? Grab something sharp, heavy, or magical and swing away. However, your melee style hinges on your character class.

At launch, craft a hero in one of six classes: Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, Monk, Crusader, and Necromancer. They’ll each have a combination of fresh and familiar abilities—from the Barbarian’s twirling Whirlwind to the Monk’s impossibly fast Seven-Sided Strike.

You’re never outnumbered when you can shoot lightning from your fingertips.

It’s made for mobile

Immortal isn’t a port of an older Diablo game—it’s been built from the ground up for mobile devices.

“Mobile technology today supports the kinds of AAA gaming experiences Blizzard is known for,” Cheng says. “Immortal will feel familiar and intuitive to both today’s mobile gaming audience and those who played Diablo on console.”

Guide your hero using directional touch controls. Need to teleport your Wizard to safety? Just hold, aim, and release to zip across the screen. Using a modified version of Blizzard’s interface, players can form groups and communicate in the heat of battle.

Immortal is also designed to evolve over time. That means a steady influx of new story lines, character classes, challenges, and sweet, sweet loot.

Expect more information on Diablo Immortal in the coming months.

In the meantime, catch up with Blizzard’s thrilling card battler, Hearthstone.


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