5 New Games We Love

Explore artful indie adventures, play with puzzles, and test your reaction time.

Looking for arcade action so demanding you might forget to blink? Or would you rather milk goats, make cheese, and take naps? Do all that and more in these great new games.

Duck and dodge

‣ Why are Squish Machine’s cute creatures trapped in such perilous places? Don’t worry about that—just worry about speeding to each level’s exit. Mashing the jump button lets you float around buzz saws and enemies while spiked walls of certain doom close around you like some cruel Star Wars trash compactor. Try to finish fast without getting smashed.

    Squish Machine

    Survive the squish!


Spin for the win

Roterra is hardly straightforward. Landscapes are divided into cubes that can spin and rotate to connect paths and allow safe passage from entrance to exit. The trick is figuring out exactly the right way to manipulate these cubes, which often requires thinking a few moves ahead. Decisions quickly get complicated, so take your time and consider each move carefully.

    Roterra - Flip the Fairytale

    Mind Twisting Logic Puzzles


Big mood

The Stillness of the Wind is not a traditional game. It’s about the quiet beauty of routines like taking care of plants and tending to livestock. Maybe wander outside your fenced yard to draw water from a well, though make sure to close the gate so the goats don’t stray too far. Don’t worry about win conditions. Just soak up the atmosphere of a world that feels intensely private.

    The Stillness of the Wind

    A quiet game of life and loss.


Zip and zap

Backfire’s arcade action forces you into danger. Your craft only shoots backward, so you need to fly through packs of foes and use your escape trajectory as a means of aiming. Expect especially intense battles when facing off against giant bosses, and unlock more abilities between rounds to boost your chances of survival.

Master the battlefield

‣ Bring warriors into competitive battlefields and try to knock down enemy towers in Revolve8. Naturally, your foe will try to stop you. So group weak units behind damage-resistant tanks and send air units at fighters with no ranged capabilities. Consider whether to activate area-of-effect spells or units with high single-target punishment. Timing and tactics are key for victory.