Ultralight’s editing tools help you create beautiful photos.

Ultralight: Photo Video Editor

Filter, Presets & Editing


For photo editors at all levels of expertise, Ultralight combines beautiful preset filters and an impressive suite of pro tools into a really simple editing app.

Right away you’ll have fun sliding through a seemingly endless scroll of filters—72 to be exact—along the bottom of the screen. Warm up your image or add a light glow to your scene with a Nature filter full of soft yellow hues and subtle color enhancements. Or go the other way and make it moody with a timeless, shadowy Black & White.

Ultralight’s main editing tools are located on a single screen within the app.

From here make adjustments with minimalist tools in the Edit tab. Use the app’s unique full-screen view for editing to see changes more clearly—the sliders and buttons hover on top of your image without obstructing it.

Most fixes can be made by simply sliding your finger along a scale or a circle to choose a level of intensity. And the elegant design makes it fun to tune everything: Shadows, Hue, Saturation, Highlights, Clarity, Noise, and more.

Becoming a Premium member gives you access to more detailed editing features like masking.

With Ultralight, even the complex tools are easy to use. Perspective correction can help images of tall buildings look straighter, mimic popular bokeh effects by blurring the background of your image, and even create tricky double exposures or cinemagraphs in seconds.

After you’ve nailed the perfect combination of effects, repeat it without remembering everything you just did. Build your master filter once and voilà: It’s yours to keep in your saved collection of custom filters forever.