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Filmmaker Pro - Video Editor

Movie Maker, Slideshow, Text


Filmmaker Pro is nothing short of a movie studio in your pocket.

For beginners, it’s a remarkably powerful tool that’ll bring some serious cinematic power to your home videos. For more advanced users, it can help create an entire movie, one complete with transitions, music, and (yes!) special effects.

Even if you’ve never done any video editing in your life, you’ll find Filmmaker Pro surprisingly intuitive.

To create a new project, tap the plus sign in the top left corner of the screen and choose from one of three formats: landscape (16:9), portrait (9:16), or square (1:1). The app will walk you through the initial steps; in fact, it will present you with a lightly animated Start Here button. Start there.

Design your own opening credits sequence.

You can, of course, begin by shooting a new video. But let’s say you want to create a finished product from clips already in your library.

Begin by tapping the videos you want to import into your final project. You can use 3D Touch to preview clips before importing. (If you’re making a slideshow of still images, you can do that too: Just import photos instead of videos.)

Channel your inner Ken Burns by trying out different transitions.

Once they’re in your project window, let your creativity run wild. Tap the video timeline to make all kinds of edits: Trim the clip, slow down or speed up the playback, or add color or exposure effects.

To manage transitions, look for the black box with a vertical line that falls between each clip and tap it to introduce fades, dissolves, or wipes. Overlay your videos with Filmmaker Pro’s own music collections and sound effects, or with iTunes purchases you’ve made yourself.

Of course there are stickers!

An all-access monthly pass removes the app’s watermark and unlocks music, fonts (movie, script, retro, and graffiti), GIFs, and other assorted goodies.

That’s the short version of what you can do with Filmmaker Pro—the long version would keep you here for hours. But since you’ve already read this far: You can also add picture-in-picture and animate type, plus throw in stickers or GIFs.

    Filmmaker Pro - Video Editor

    Movie Maker, Slideshow, Text