Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Join the endless running fun!


Pity the poor Inspector. For years he’s chased Jake, Tricky, and Fresh through countless tunnels and over millions of trains. But try as he might, there’s simply no stopping those Subway Surfers.

Launched in 2012, this infinite runner has proven to be one of the most enduring and influential games on the App Store. Here’s why we keep sliding back to gaming’s fastest subway:

Hurdle-hopping spins are easy with a speed-boosting hoverboard.

It’s perfectly polished

Subway Surfers helped define the infinite runner genre: Jump, slide, and dodge past obstacles, collect goodies, and keep it up for as long as possible. But the game really hits its stride with its impeccable execution. Swapping lanes and leaping from train to train is never a guess thanks to tight, responsive controls, while bright, colorful graphics make Subway Surfers a fine fit for gamers of all ages.

It’s loaded with character

Graffiti artist Jake may have kicked off the subway surfing, but he’s made dozens of friends over the years. Stick with go-to characters like Spike and Tagbot or score new, limited-time runners introduced in frequent updates. There’s even a ninja, a zombie, and a dinosaur—and like their comrades, they can ride a hoverboard for maximum coolness.

Take to the sky—and grab lots of coins!—with a jetpack power-up.

It loves to travel

Subway Surfers never sits still. Every three or four weeks, the game whisks players to a new stop on a whirlwind World Tour. The crowded streets of Las Vegas, the romantic canals of Venice, the busy markets of Marrakech—you’ll dash past them all, and maybe a bustling space station too. And with each stop comes new goodies to collect and quests to fulfill. Where will it take you next?