The app that helps separated families stay organized together.

WeParent - Co-Parenting App

Custody. Calendar. Messages.


It’s hard to keep a family calendar updated in one house, let alone two. But an app named WeParent can streamline what’s often a tough process.

Designed for divorced or separated parents, WeParent lets everyone keep their child-related schedules, calendars, and messages in one place.

A color-coded calendar keeps everyone on the same page.

Its shared calendar is clean and simple, its schedules feature can be customized based on custody arrangements, and its photos and contacts sections are adaptable to any situation.

WeParent even offers a way to track expenses, which can help navigate the tricky issue of finances.

WeParent puts your kids’ important contacts (and photos) in one place.

To get started, sign up for an account, then add your co-parent, children, and additional adults as needed.

In the calendar, your section will be marked with green highlights, while your co-parent’s will be orange. Tap Schedules if you’d like to input particulars like the details of your custody agreement; tap Library to add appropriate contacts, notes, and documents.

Like all good apps, WeParent can make a difficult job a little bit easier.