Might As Well Jump!

These games will put some spring in your step.

Rolling barrels. Spiky pits. Speeding cars. If it’s remotely dangerous, we’ve jumped over it. The most sprightly move in gaming is the backbone of some of our favorite experiences. Hop to it!

Pounce like a plumber

Nintendo’s mustachioed mascot Mario has spent decades jogging through sewers, stomping on Goombas, and launching himself to the top of flagpoles. You’ll do all that (and much more) in Super Mario Run. Collect coins, unlock characters, and revive the Mushroom Kingdom by jumping through colorful stages based on classic Mario games.

    Super Mario Run

    Control Mario with just a tap!


Spring, chicken!

Rules of the road mean little to Chicken Jump. Standing in the middle of a busy intersection, you’ll need perfect timing to leap over oncoming cars, big rigs, UFOs, and much more. Leap nimbly to access new characters with more sophisticated jumping techniques; miss even once and you’re out of cluck.

    Chicken Jump - Crazy Traffic



Flip out

Jumping might not seem like the safest way to climb a tree, but in Wall Kickers, it’s the absolute fastest—and most dangerous. Navigating past crumbling walls, electrified barriers, and bounce pads is a thrill thanks to streamlined tap controls, while ever-changing level designs keep you happily looking before you leap.

    Wall Kickers

    Wall jump to the top!


Bound like a bunny

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, consider the minimalism of Hoppy Towers, which has you tapping to guide a cute rabbit across undulating pillars. Aim for leaves to get a quick boost, dash down to crush pesky rocks, and avoid eggs that temporarily cover the screen in yolk. How far can you hop?

    Hoppy Towers

    Jump, dive & boost!


Hurdle over hazards

What’s in a name? Lofty expectations, when your name is Mr. Jump. The bouncy star of Mr. Jump World is out to collect coins and dodge traps, but getting three stars on each surprisingly tricky level is easier said than done. Yet even failure is fun when you’re bounding through quick reloads and short, satisfying sessions.

    Mr Jump World

    Let's jump!