Scale a summit and conquer a corrupted hero in Match Mountain.

Match Mountain

A Match Puzzle RPG Adventure


How far would you go to appease the gods? In Match Mountain, you’ll have to embark on a pretty hefty trek to satisfy the Allfather.

Help your heroine conquer foes by rotating blocks to match colors. Each match turns into an attack—the more blocks involved, the stronger the strike. Look out for special blocks too, which summon the Allfather and his pals to smite enemies with devastating blasts.

Match blocks and you’ll wallop foes with mighty weapons.

Level up and collect stronger weapons the higher you climb—you’ll need all the help you can get. Boss monsters add complexity by disabling spaces on your battle board, making it harder to get blocks where you want them. But even as mistakes pile up, you’re often just a few good matches away from setting things right.

After you reach the summit in the main campaign, head over to Endless mode and try to last as long as possible. Look sharp! The Allfather’s watching.