Adobe Capture: Creative Kit

Pattern & Vector Maker


With Adobes vast collection of design, photography, and filmmaking apps, creatives can easily access powerful editing tools while on the go.

But sometimes the task at hand is not about finishing up projects while you’re out of the office—it’s about using the world outside as creative inspiration.

With seven super-powerful tools, Adobe Capture uses your iPhone or iPad’s camera to document the world around you and integrate what you find into your digital work.

Each tool—Shapes, Patterns, Materials, Brushes, Type, Colors, and Looks—is built for a particular type of creative process.

They all work under a similar premise: Use your camera to snap something you see, then use Capture to process the image. Easily incorporate it into the other Adobe products (like Photoshop and Illustrator) by storing the work in your Creative Cloud library.

Bust out your toolkit

Decide whether you want your creation saved as a bitmap image or a vector graphic. Bitmaps (commonly used with Photoshop) are made up of pixels, whereas vectors (used with Illustrator) use mathematics to create curves and other geometric shapes.

In the app, you’ll see the tools right above the camera shutter button. Swipe over to Shapes. With Shapes, use your camera to photograph hand-drawn sketches and convert them into scalable vector art, reducing a previously tedious scanning process into one that takes only seconds.

Point your camera at the sketch—or another graphic you find, like an icon on a street sign or logo on a sneaker—and tap on the image to freeze it. If the sketch isn’t quite perfect, tap the two circles at the top right to add image adjustments. Tap the shutter button, which now has a checkmark in the middle, to further refine and edit the sketch until it’s perfectly isolated.

Try selecting a section of a photo and turning it into its own brush, like this never-ending rose pattern.

Use the brushes and erasers in the refine tool to isolate your illustration, and the smooth tool to help iron out the lines. Now save and you’ll be able to access your vector in your Creative Cloud library, making it super easy to access your sketches in Illustrator and Photoshop.

In just a few minutes, turn a napkin sketch into an illustration that can be manipulated digitally and scaled up to any size you please. With Patterns, make gorgeous repeating geometric designs out of anything you see.

In Materials, capture textures and apply them to 3D objects. Grab a shot of the wood texture on your desk and visualize it on a variety of objects—or export it for future renderings.

And with Brushes, you can even select part of an image and turn it into a repeatable brush that can be applied anywhere—dangerous for creating memes of your friends.

Don’t stop now!

See your favorite new font in real life? Snap a photo and Adobe Capture will find similar ones you can use in your work.

The remaining tools work by capturing inspiring designs and colors and processing them so that you can incorporate them into your own work.

Swipe over to Type and hunt for a sign or menu with words on it. After you make some selections, Capture will tell you what Adobe Fonts are most similar. In just seconds, you’ll know where to find that font you love on the back of your shampoo bottle.

Use your photos as inspiration for your next project by creating vibrant color palettes.

With Colors and Looks, filmmakers and photographers can easily build harmonious color palettes based on the images they capture. Point your camera at a sunset in Colors and the app will detect five colors from the image that pair well together. (Designing a fashion line inspired by the colors of the Italian countryside? Now you’re actually using the palette you captured in an image of the Italian countryside.)

With Looks, filmmakers and photographers can take the palette from a scene to color other images they’ve captured. Want to impart that dreamy, golden-hour feel to an image? Just grab the image you’re inspired by, import it into Looks, and apply the color effect to your new image like a filter.

    Adobe Capture: Creative Kit

    Pattern & Vector Maker