The Smithsonian Channel features shows inspired by the museums.

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Across the United States, 20 museums, galleries, and a national zoological park wear the Smithsonian name.

Going to any of these physical spaces can be both enlightening and entertaining. In the meantime, thanks to the Smithsonian Channel app, it’s easy to enjoy the knowledge and history of Smithsonian directly through your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

The latest content can be found on Smithsonian Channel's Home tab.

In the app you’ll find a deep library of award-winning documentary films and nonfiction TV series that delve into classic Smithsonian topics like aviation, culture, crime, science and technology, space, wildlife, and history (both ancient and modern). The content in the app is inspired by the Smithsonian’s museums, research facilities, and publications.

More than 300 hours of Smithsonian Channel’s programming is available in 4K, so get ready for tons of stunning scenes, whether you’re looking at the ocean depths, a sierra sunset, or footage of the cosmos.

Among the most popular series are Aerial America (which features narrated aerial tours of historical landmarks, major cities, and national parks), America in Color (a collection of black-and-white films from the early 20th century, restored and rendered in color), and Air Disasters (which analyzes historic plane crashes by looking at official reports, as well as interviews with investigators, flight crews, and survivors).

Shows like Civil War 360 will help you gain a new perspective on history.

Some episodes are available for free; a monthly subscription will unlock the entire library. Content is added to the app weekly, so there’s always something new to explore.

The Smithsonian staff expertly curates films and shows on the app’s Home tab to make it easy to find something interesting to watch. When you come across content you want to watch later or again, tap the My List button to save it for a future viewing. Everything you save will be stored on a tab of the same name.

Smithsonian Channel works seamlessly with Apple TV, which brings your movies, TV shows, and live sports together in one place.

(Cover image from David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef.)