War Dragons

Head back into battle with this fearless fire-breather.

War Dragons

Command an army of fire


What’s cooler than having a legion of leathery-winged, spell-casting dragons do your bidding? Literally nothing. Which is probably why War Dragons has been blazing brightly for so many years.

Launched in 2015, this gorgeous, gargantuan real-time strategy game is regularly stoked with new content, features, and modes. Here’s a look at some of the hottest features that War Dragons has hatched over the years.

Ends of the earth

‣ The 2017 Atlas expansion added a new strategic overworld to the game, allowing teammates to collaborate and expand across the realm. Train farmers to become soldiers, then march toward enemy castles with a dragon leading the way.

Unlike the action-heavy, bite-size fortress raids of War Dragons’ main game, Atlas is a long-term, strategically deep experience, where alliances can be made and broken, territory won and lost.

Population explosion

War Dragons is all about its serpentine stars—and, my, how they’ve grown. A staggering variety of lethal lizards have been added to the game since launch. Ochre and Neptus and Surt, oh my! And more are coming—seasonal events occasionally introduce entirely new dragon power tiers in addition to awesome new creatures.

The best way to stop a dragon? Blast it with a cannon! Just be prepared for the dragon to blast back.

Defensive coordination

‣ The real-time strategy battles in War Dragons pit you against enemy defenses that are intent on bringing down your winged champion. Likewise, retrofit your own fortress with turrets and trebuchets to protect against your foes’ inevitable retaliation.

The catalog of defensive weaponry now includes the devastating fire flak tower, which unleashes a massive explosion when destroyed. And dragon perches let your watchful wyverns keep an eye on your castle and spring to life when an enemy attacks.

Mounted mayhem

‣ As we all know, dragons are more awesome with someone riding them. In War Dragons, riders are collectible heroes who bond with dragons, giving the beasts sweet buffs to their stats and skills.

These characters—like Astrid, the fearless Valkyrie—have their own skill trees and can equip gear that further boosts their power. Each rider is most effective with a specific dragon class: Get a vanquisher hero riding your hunter dragon and you’ll be blasting cities to rubble in no time.

There’s always something new to do in War Dragons.

Event horizons

‣ Weekly events have long been a part of the War Dragons experience—and like just about everything else in the game, these have gotten bigger and better over time.

Keep your eyes peeled for Kingdom Wars, a tactical, team-based event that challenges groups of dragon lords to conquer territory and expand their kingdoms. Temple Raid, another enormous player-versus-player event, has teams competing against each other to defeat elemental guardians and plunder temple loot.

    War Dragons

    Command an army of fire