Tilt to tidy up the cosmos in Sync: Party Hard.

Sync: Party Hard

A Mind & Body Bending Puzzle


Ever host a party so epic that it accidentally unraveled all of time and space? Hercules did—and in Sync: Party Hard, it’s up to you to help the demigod piece the universe back together.

In this gyroscopic puzzler, you tilt, wiggle, and rotate your device to restore all that is and all that ever was. And you need to do it before Dad (that would be Zeus) gets home.

The morning after isn’t pretty.

Solve levels by manually shifting your device to slide pieces into place. Precision is key: Nothing is mended until it’s all lined up perfectly. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you hear a pleasant haptic click. Once you’ve cleaned a level up, a bolt of lightning hides the seams. Just like new!

Sun assembly required.

Mend Earth, its inhabitants, and the rest of the galaxy bit by bit. Each scene—be it of a giraffe, a handsaw, or a whole planet—completes part of a meta-puzzle. You can replay any of them as much as you’d like to beat your own time, record and share your play, or climb the leaderboards.

Puzzle fans with quirky tastes will love Sync: Party Hard’s funky tunes, lushly detailed illustrations, and out-of-this-world characters. It’s the perfect fit.