Make a Meme-Worthy GIF

GIF Brewery has all the tools you need.

GIF Brewery 3 by Gfycat


GIF Brewery makes it easy to turn a video or series of images into an animated GIF. (You can even take a selfie video directly in the app.) To learn the ropes, open a video in GIF Brewery and follow these seven easy steps.

1. Cut and crop

First, trim your video down to a few seconds that will take the internet by storm. Move the playhead to the start point and click Set Start; use Set End to choose the end point. If you need to, use the crop tool to zoom in on your image.

2. Size it right

A great GIF is large enough to make an impact but small enough to download quickly. We recommend making yours between 300 and 500 pixels wide. Click Resize and adjust accordingly.

3. Add text

Ready to add some pithy, borderline-nonsensical text? Use the toolbar button that looks like a speech bubble. After you tweak formatting, click OK and drag the type wherever you like.

4. Filter away

Just because it’s a GIF doesn’t mean it can’t have some visual flair. Use the Filters menu to adjust color, white balance, and exposure, and even to add filters (like noir and instant photo) to get just the right look.

5. Layer it on

To add more images, text, or one of GIF Brewery’s many built-in stickers, use the Overlay button. To make an overlay appear at a specific moment in your GIF, select it and use the Fade-in and Fade-out controls.

6. Tune up

Once your video is ready to go, click the Settings button and pick a Loop Type: Normal (the GIF repeats from beginning to end), Reverse (same thing but in reverse), or Palindrome (the GIF loops forward then backward).

Adjust the other settings to strike a balance between image quality and file size. A good starting point: Enable Calculate Frame Count & Delay, choose a value between 10 and 15, and enable Optimize GIF Colors and set it to 48.

7. Share away

Click Create at the bottom of the window to see a preview of your GIF along with its file size. Look good? Click Save and share your GIF with the world.

    GIF Brewery 3 by Gfycat

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