Apple Podcasts Has Your New Favorite Show

Listen across all your devices—now with Alexa.

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There’s never been a better time to find a new podcast—literally. Apple Podcasts has nearly a million of them for you to listen to, right now.

No matter your interest, chances are there’s a podcast for you. And with the Apple Podcasts app, you can listen across all your devices—iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod, and Apple TV—and even start a show on one and finish it on another.

Best of all, every show in Apple Podcasts is available for the very reasonable price of free.

Find a great show

If you’re not sure what to listen to next, head to the Browse tab. Here you’ll find new picks from our expert editors (who listen to a lot of shows) as well as episodes that are trending with other podcast fans.

To peruse by genre, swipe down to the Browse by Category section. True crime, comedy, sports, history, science—it’s all here. Under Curated Collections, you’ll find themes like “shows for kids,” “modern radio drama,” “manage your money," and “learn something new.” You can also search by a show’s host or guests.

A few listening tips

Once you’ve found a show you like, subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode; the newest one will automatically appear on the Listen Now tab.

Listen Now also lets you pick up where you left off—and helps you make sure you’re listening to episodes in the right order. 

And if you’re running iOS 13, iPadOS, or macOS Catalina, you can now search by what was said in an episode. It makes finding exactly what you’re looking for easier than ever.

Download podcasts

Going on a long flight? Listening offline is easy. Go to the Library tab and tap a show to see all available episodes. From here, download each individually by tapping the plus sign, then the cloud icon that appears next to the episode’s name.

Want to download episodes of your favorite shows automatically? Tap the three-dot button at the top of show’s page, then tap Settings > Custom Settings > Download Episodes. Here you can opt to download only the newest episode or everything that’s unplayed.

Listen with Alexa

You can listen to all of Apple Podcasts’ shows on your Alexa devices, too.

Alexa makes playing your favorite podcasts incredibly convenient. Ask Alexa to play a show (“Alexa, play Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend on Apple Podcasts”). Alexa also makes it easy to skip ahead or jump to the next episode.

And when you start listening with Alexa, you can switch seamlessly to your iPhone, HomePod, or other Apple device once you link your Apple ID. Your episode will begin right where you left off. 

To enable the Apple Podcast Alexa skill, launch the Amazon Alexa app, go to Skills and Games, and search for Apple Podcasts.

Listen with Apple Watch

With Apple Podcasts for Apple Watch, you can download shows or stream shows over an LTE connection (with compatible Apple Watch models). Listen to shows when and where you want—even if you leave your iPhone at home.

    Apple Podcasts

    Audio that informs & inspires