Simon Says Transcribe!

Transcribe and caption video on command.

Simon Says Transcription

Video AI transcription


Adding captions to your videos for better accessibility, or getting a searchable script, requires a transcript. But who wants to laboriously transcribe every clip? With Simon Says, you don’t have to.

The app transcribes what’s spoken in your videos to create captions automatically. And because Simon Says works as a Final Cut Pro X extension, it integrates with your existing workflows.

To start, sign up for a Simon Says account. (It’s free and includes 15 minutes of transcription credit.) Then open a Final Cut Pro library and choose Window > Extensions > Simon Says Transcription—and follow these steps:

1. Get rolling

Click the + button in the Simon Says window and choose a language for your transcription. Then drag footage—a single clip or an entire event—from the Event Browser into Simon Says.

2. Transcribe away

Click Transcribe to see the length of your audio and the cost to transcribe it. To proceed, click Let’s Do This. Most projects take only a few minutes to finish. Simon Says shows your transcription progress as it works, but since everything happens in the cloud, you can keep working in Final Cut Pro.

Click a line in your transcript to see the clip it came from.

3. Review your script

Simon Says makes it easy to edit the script it created: Click any word in the transcript to jump to the corresponding spot in the source audio to check for errors. You can also add speaker names as keywords—clicking a speaker name highlights all clips in the Event Browser where that person speaks.

4. Attach the text

Click the Share button in the workflow extension window, then drag the Ranges icon into your event in Final Cut Pro’s Event Browser. When prompted, choose to replace existing items: Simon Says will keep the clip’s keywords and add the newly transcribed text. Nifty!

You can now browse that text in Final Cut Pro’s Notes fields or search to quickly find a particular clip. You can also edit it, export it to a SRT subtitle file for use as captions, and translate it into over 100 languages, all right within Final Cut Pro.

    Simon Says Transcription

    Video AI transcription