Beat Our Best in Subway Surfers

Pick up the pace to win this race.

Subway Surfers

Join the endless running fun!


An App Store staple since 2012, Subway Surfers starts nice and easy. “This infinite runner isn’t so tough,” you think as you hightail it up a ramp and vault over barricades. “I could do this all day—”

Whoops! Jogged right into a trash bin.

Dodging oncoming trains and racking up coins takes laserlike focus. But don’t worry: With practice, you’ll soon be setting high scores—like this one!

Surfing looks cool and lets you survive a collision. Sweet moves!

Your challenge: Rack up 100,000 points with no continues, using default hero Jake and the starter hoverboard. No problem for a star surfer like you, especially if you raise your score multiplier by completing missions. Try these tips for a little extra help:

1. Take the high ground

Scrambling across roofs is often safer than sprinting between cars. You can move in four directions, which gives you more escape routes, and you avoid roadside obstacles entirely.

2. Drop to the top

Leaping off a roof? Remember that swiping down gets you to the ground quicker than gravity. Time it right to grab a valuable coin or power-up near a high platform.

3. Use that board

Speaking of special abilities, don’t forget the biggest one of all: your hoverboard! While surfing, you can hit any obstacle and keep going (you’ll just lose the board), making this piece of gear a crucial score-saver.