The solutions to these invigorating puzzles? They’re in your head!

Secret Signs

Riddles without question


Pareidolia is the phenomenon of seeing familiar patterns even when they’re not quite there—a scientific mystery you’ll lean on to solve Secret Signs’ delightful visual riddles.

This clever game’s unique puzzles rely on your mind’s natural ability to subconsciously suss things out. In an early challenge, for example, you’re presented with four shapes—a half sphere, a rectangle, and two small circles.

What to do? Arrange them into a smiley face, naturally! Problem solved!

Give each puzzle some time and a pattern should emerge. Don’t overthink it!

We’re also hardwired to see things as a whole, which you’ll experience when shifting several triangles until there’s no empty space peeking out from beneath. 

Even with lighter brainteasers—like correctly lacing up a shoe—finding the solution is deeply satisfying. Especially when you tinker around for a while, then stumble upon the answer as your brain magically snaps into focus.

By peppering its puzzles with interesting facts (did you know cavemen might have been lacing up footwear?), Secret Signs may even teach you a thing or two. And it doesn’t take a brainiac to know how cool that is.