Minion Rush

Can you beat our score in the Top Bananas Room?

Minion Rush: Running game

Endless runner with Minions


Minion Rush may be a family-friendly game, but it sure doesn’t skimp on difficulty.

Mastering this hyperkinetic runner means learning to jump and duck at just the right moment—especially when you’re in the Top Bananas Room. With no finish line in sight, its infinite levels keep getting faster and more hazard-filled, putting your reflexes through the wringer.

This level is bananas. Keep your eyes peeled!

Your challenge: Using the Classic Minion and no perks, beat our score of 3,252 Robonanas collected in a single run. That’s a lot of dodging—but with these tips, you’ll sprint to the top of the leaderboards.

1. Look up

Keep an eye on the horizon! If you stare only at what’s directly in front of your Minion, you’ll have less time to evade danger down the road—and you’re more likely to run off the edge of suspended tracks like El Macho’s Lair.

2. Drop down

When hopping off bus roofs and other high areas, swipe down in midair. This will quickly speed up your trip to the ground, where you have more movement options and better control over your hero.

3. Move around

Don’t play it too safe. To pile up points, grab every Banana Vacuum you see—and aggressively chase bananas when you’re sliding down tubes or riding Gru’s Rocket.