Let’s Play Monopoly!

MONOPOLY: The Board Game

Roll the Dice, Pass Go & Win


Breaking out the Monopoly board has been a family tradition for decades. Also part of the tradition: not finishing the game because you’ve run out of time!

There’s another way. With brilliant tweaks that keep things fast, fun, and authentic, Monopoly on the App Store is a winning investment. Here are five reasons to rediscover your inner tycoon with this superslick mobile version.

Roll the dice, scoop up property, and own the town.

1. It’s easy!

Whether you start a pass-and-play game with friends in the same room or compete online, setup is a breeze. Select your rules, fight over who gets the top hat token, and you’re off. And no more designated banker duties: Finances are handled automatically, leaving you to focus on wheeling, dealing, and bankrupting others.

2. It’s quick!

Can’t wrap up a game in one sitting? Just pause and come back later. Or better yet, play a zippier version of the game with rules that seriously speed things up, like cheaper hotels and no taxes. Your accountant will need to find another gig!

3. It’s customizable!

Monopoly’s rules have barely changed since 1935—so why not tweak the rule book? Collect $400 (instead of $200) for landing directly on Go. Or get out of jail after just one turn. It’s your call!

Welcome to Transylvania! Beware the fog.

4. It’s beautiful!

The digital version has real flair. Animated tokens merrily tink-tink-tink past properties. Little trains chug along, while tiny helicopters dot the sky. There’s even a police siren when you get hauled off to jail.

5. It’s expandable!

Tired of the same sights? Fun add-ons let you try new tokens and themes, like a snowswept ski resort or the lovely city of Paris, where Boardwalk is called Rue de la Paix. Ooh la la!