5 Quick Tips for CSR Racing 2

CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game

Car Tuning & Drag Racing Game


The competition is fierce in CSR Racing 2! Jockeying for position in these intense drag races takes a keen sense of timing—so jump into the driver’s seat with these valuable pointers.

Even if you botch things early, a few perfect shifts can get you back on track.

1. Go green

A great start is crucial to racking up wins, so try to nail the green sweet spot on your gauge at the beginning of a race. Just remember: It’s better to under-rev, as over-revving will stall your car.

2. Drive solo...for now

You won’t get far without cash and respect. The fastest way to earn both is to play every Ladder, Trial, and Regulation event available each day. And steer clear of multiplayer Live Races in the early going—you can quickly lose money.

3. Pick the right parts

Coming up short at the finish line? Upgrade your turbo, nitrous, and engine. Too much wheelspin dragging you down at the start? Improve your tires for better traction. But don’t tweak your car randomly—every mod should solve a specific issue.

Play with paint colors in the garage to make each ride your own.

4. Rotate your collection

You’ll reap great rewards from Supply Cup and Prestige Cup races, but each requires cars from specific manufacturers. Mix up your garage by purchasing cars from different brands, and keep at least one stock car to scrap or sell when you need to swap in a replacement vehicle.

5. Test and retest

Visit the tuning menu to give your ride a test run. It doesn’t cost any energy, and detailed post-burn breakdowns show how every jolt of nitrous affects your speed. How fast can you go from 0 to 60?

    CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game

    Car Tuning & Drag Racing Game