5 New Games We Love

Get into gear and race over to these outstanding new games.

Hit the streets

The exaggerated lines of a shiny new Datsun 370Z. The attitude of a classic muscle car. The power of a Lamborghini Aventador. Collect and race them all in Forza Street, a gorgeous mobile spin-off of the Forza console franchise. Blaze through intense, cinematic tournaments across Miami to build up a dream garage.

    Forza Street: Tap to Race

    Race. Collect. Compete.


Charming combinations

Help a groggy Sleeping Beauty save a kingdom blanketed by a thick fog in the magical world of EverMerge. Accompanied by fairy-tale favorites like Cinderella and Peter Pan, you’ll merge trees, candies, and more to clear land and build mighty castles.

    EverMerge - Merge and Build!

    Match & merge storybook heroes


Special delivery!

Perilous platforming and frantic boss battles await those brave enough to leap through the amazing Levelhead. As a newcomer to the Bureau of Shipping, guide your GR-18 delivery bot through dozens of obstacle courses, or design and share your own with an incredible level editor!

    Levelhead - Platformer Maker

    Cross Platform Level Editor


Hide, seek, and shoot

Where’d you go? Invisigun Reloaded puts a new spin on stealth by making you disappear. Shoot or bump into something and you’ll briefly become visible—helpful when navigating danger-filled mazes! Once you’ve mastered the mechanics, go head-to-head with other players in customizable PvP battles.

    Invisigun Reloaded

    Hide & seek battle adventure!


Color correction

In Hue’s monochromatic world, picking the right color can reveal hidden doors, erase barriers, or save you from deadly traps. Discover every shade on your magical ring to stay one step ahead of the evil Dr. Grey in this platforming adventure.

    Hue: A color adventure

    A vibrant award-winning puzzle