Why You’ll Love Fantastical

These 6 features make calendaring more convenient.

Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks

Plan your day perfectly


Fantastical has long been one of the best calendar apps around, thanks in part to the way it lets you add an event simply by describing it: Type “Phone call this Friday with Jim at 2 p.m.” and Fantastical magically parses the details and puts them in the right fields.

New features in the latest version of Fantastical help you be even more productive. Here are our favorites.

Schedule meetings with ease

When creating an event, you can offer attendees multiple meeting times by clicking Propose Another Time. Fantastical will email everyone a link to a web page where they can pick the options that work for them. Once everyone agrees on a time, Fantastical sends a final invite to all—and automatically adds the event to your calendar.

Fantastical does the busywork of figuring out a meeting time that works for everyone.

Check the weather

Fantastical now displays the forecast from AccuWeather right on your calendar. Click it to see hourly forecasts and an overview of the upcoming week.

Check the weather before you plan your day off.

Get to-dos done

Fantastical now lets you manage tasks (and their deadlines) alongside your calendar. Fantastical also syncs with Todoist and Reminders; when you add a task in one of those apps, it’ll show up in Fantastical and vice versa.

Toggle between your to-do lists and your upcoming events—without having to switch to another app.

Join online meetings with a click

Remote meetings are more and more common, and Fantastical makes it easier than ever to join them: The app puts a big Join button on any event containing a link for a Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, or BlueJeans meeting.

No need to dig into a calendar event to join an online meeting—the button’s right there!

Stay in the know

Fantastical helps you stay up to date on your favorite TV shows (complete with episode summaries!), sports teams, moon phases, esoteric holidays, and more. Click the Calendar Set menu and choose Add Interesting Calendars. There you can browse the categories, including TV, Finance, and Popular. One of our favorites: The Astronomy and Space calendar from The New York Times, which tracks major celestial events.

The Astronomy and Space calendar tracks major celestial events.

Save time with event templates

Have a recurring event that takes place at different locations or times? Fantastical’s event templates make entering them easier than ever. (Control-click any event and choose Create Template.) Even better: With a Fantastical subscription, adding an event template on your Mac makes it available in Fantastical on your iPhone and iPad too.

Attending another staff meeting may be a chore—but thanks to these templates, scheduling it won’t be.

    Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks

    Plan your day perfectly