Survive Every Time in Among Us!

Among Us!


There’s a murderer loose on your spaceship, and it’s your job to find them. Unless, of course, the killer is you!

In the social deduction game Among Us!, players guide blobby Crewmates around a spaceship while collecting samples, calibrating equipment, and completing other science-y tasks.The catch? At least one player is an Impostor, who’ll try to off the crew without being discovered (and tossed out of the airlock).

Try these tips to catch the evildoer—or dodge detection when you’re the villain!

Pairing up to tackle tasks (like starting this reactor) will help you avoid an ambush.

1. Get to work

A little confused about what to do first? Resist the urge to wander aimlessly. The crew only wins if it completes all the required tasks, so find an available activity and hop to it.

2. Buddy up

Hang out with another Crewmate (or better yet two) to avoid being cornered alone by an Impostor. Going solo also makes you look suspicious, even when you’re innocent.

Do your job right as an Impostor and the Crewmates will never see it coming.

3. Be a spy!

Once you’ve finished your tasks, keep an eye on other players using the monitors in the security room. Only Impostors can enter vents and holes. If you see someone emerging from a grate in the floor, that’s a bad guy!

4. Spot fakers

Tailing a suspected Impostor? Check out the completed-tasks gauge at the top of the screen. If the player appears to finish a task but the bar doesn’t budge, they’re probably faking it.

5. Blend in

If you’re the Impostor, look busy! Stand next to task stations. Sabotage ship systems, then pretend to help fix them. Report the bodies of your victims to throw Crewmates off your trail. (Just have an alibi ready if people start pointing fingers!)