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For decades, The Oregon Trail has entertained and educated players about the harsh realities of pioneer life. Dysentery! Snake bites! Danger lurked around every corner of the 1985 Apple II classic.

But even a nasty case of the measles can’t keep a good adventurer down. Older and wiser, The Oregon Trail is back in a new Apple Arcade trip that is more ambitious—and perilous—than ever.

“There have been plenty of Oregon Trail games over the years—some more focused on the children’s market,” says Jarrad Trudgen, the game’s creative director at Gameloft Brisbane. “We wanted to make something that could grow with the people who played it when they were kids—something for The Oregon Trail generation.”

Your journey begins with preparation. Pick your supplies and set your priorities. Maybe you want to bring lots of food to keep morale high or spend your funds on extra ammo for hunting and protection.

You also have a choice of four travelers with randomized personality traits, skills, and classes. An athletic but pessimistic farmer or kind but paranoid adventurer—you never know quite what you’ll get.

That goes for your side-scrolling cross-country odyssey too.

Moses Harris, a legendary Black wagon guide, shows you the ropes. For the first time in franchise history, Indigenous peoples and Black characters are represented.

“The original game’s humor had a lot to do with the suddenness of the misfortunes,” says Trudgen. “You’re just going along, everything’s fine, then boom! Someone’s got a broken leg. Someone’s got dysentery. We wanted to keep that surprise but also give the player a bit more agency.”

So if a bear attacks or someone catches a fever, chances are you’ll have something in your inventory to remedy the issue—at least temporarily. If you’re not careful, you could lose a companion...or worse. Thanks to randomized events and outcomes, every trek is different.

Most personality traits and skills are a mystery at first. But with every task, your characters reveal more about themselves.

The Oregon Trail retains its retro heart but has modern touches, like the 3D environments that serve as the backdrop for your 2D pixelated pioneers—a nod to the past with an eye to the future.

“The sprite-based characters are nostalgic of the era,” says Trudgen, “but this isn’t about just reproducing exactly how it was.”

There’s more beyond the main trail too. You’ll find fresh adventures in Journeys mode, including variants like the beginner-friendly Nature Trail and the challenging Oregon or Bust mode. No checkpoints? No problem!

Save up enough money by the time you approach a river and you can safely cross by ferry; otherwise you’ll have to try fording it!

For anyone about to embark on a journey, Trudgen has this insider tip: Be mindful of your starting resources.

“Stocking up carefully is really important,” he says. “And keep a close eye on your characters. If you get the opportunity to heal them to restore their stats, do it without delay.”

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