Feel the Tetris® Beat!

Tetris® Beat

Puzzle Music Rhythm Game


You might not know the Russian folk song “Korobeinikiby name, but if you’ve played just about any version of Tetris since 1989, you can probably hum it in your sleep. The game and the song are inseparable.

Tetris® Beat is expanding that beautiful bond. Available on Apple Arcade, this new take on the timeless great adds all sorts of rhythm to its shape-shifting thrills.

“We wanted to make sure that we had something for everybody, whether you’re familiar with Tetris or rhythm games or both,” says Lawrence Clark, executive producer at developer N3TWORK.

“Summersaults” by EDM artist Alison Wonderland is among the many original songs on the Tetris Beat soundtrack.

Fans of the original can play old-school Tetris in Marathon mode. You know the drill: drop blocks (technical term: “Tetriminos”) to fill gaps and clear lines.

But Drop mode adds a whole new rhythm to reckon with. Here you earn points by clearing lines and by spinning and dropping blocks to the beat of the song. (Pro tip: Pull off three on-beat rotations to quickly build your combo chain.)

Beginners can get accustomed to the new jam in Tap mode. Instead of guiding and spinning a single shape, you choose which of two “ghost” Tetriminos lands on your mountain of blocks. Don’t forget to tap to the beat!

Get into the groove in Tap mode and your score will skyrocket.

Typical of Tetris, it’s easy to get into the groove—especially when you’re bopping along to the EDM, pop, and hip-hop that rounds out the Tetris Beat soundtrack, which draws from a broad roster of artists.

“Women and nonbinary producers are underrepresented in dance music,” says Kathee Chimowitz, head of strategic partnerships at N3TWORK (and former rave promoter). “Tetris Beat gave us a chance to highlight the incredibly diverse talent out there.”

The team sourced artists like Alison Wonderland, CINTHIE, Octo Octa, and Eris Drew for the game’s launch lineup, spanning genres from Scandinavian pop to Latin American hip-hop.

Rotating blocks on-beat is essential for building up a lengthy chain.

And the graphics match the theme of each track. Play a round to Rob Garza’s “Mystification,” for example, and you’ll be led through a psychedelic desert filled with pyramids, moons, and aliens.

New songs will be released monthly—a dream come true for Clark and Chimowitz. “Being able to curate music in Tetris? We’re very in love with it,” says Chimowitz.

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