4 Astrology Apps That Shine Bright

There’s more to these star apps than daily horoscopes.

Is there an astrology app in your future? If so, start with these celestial guides to all this world has to offer.


This hugely popular astrology app delivers succinct daily guidance specific to different areas of your life (think love, creativity, spirituality) as well as overarching advice on navigating planetary transits.

Co–Star’s minimalist daily feed (left) has all the astrological resources you need: actionable advice, thought-provoking questions, and (because we all need to stay grounded) terrestrial weather forecasts. Go broader with your personal birth chart.

Special stardust: Co–Star lets you stay up-to-date with friends who also have profiles on the app. Glimpse your mutual daily horoscope and composite chart, and see how planetary placements are affecting your collective ebb and flow.

Stellar feature: Send your future self a note by tapping “Chaos Mode” at the bottom of the Chart tab. Co–Star will bubble it up to you at some point in the future. (Trust that it’ll find you right when you need it.)

    Co–Star Personalized Astrology

    The AI-Powered Daily Horoscope


The Pattern

The Pattern eschews astrology jargon (no mention of sun, moon, or rising signs here) and delivers detailed breakdowns of your personality traits and emotional cycles—past, present, and future.

The Pattern gives an assessment of your potential compatibility with friends, romantic connections, and public figures (dare to dream!).

Special stardust: Readings go into depth not only about you but also loved ones and humanity at large. World Timing information predicts platonic and romantic connections, providing insight into shared experiences and interpersonal dynamics.

Stellar feature: Seeking a match made in the heavens? The Connect dating feature shows members of the The Pattern community you might be interested, according to the stars.

    The Pattern

    Personality & Compatibility



Offering cosmic guidance with a decidedly human touch, Sanctuary’s daily horoscopes and emoji-rich guides make the sometimes arcane world of astrology more accessible.

Chat live with a Sanctuary astrologer for additional insight into your birth chart.

Special stardust: Sanctuary is your astrology messaging pal: Daily horoscope and tarot cards are delivered in a fun chat format. (Live chats with a real-life astrologer are also available.)

Stellar feature: The app’s Guides provide a crash course on planets, signs, moon phases, aspects, houses, and more—all delivered tidbits at a time.

    Sanctuary Astrology & Psychic

    Daily Horoscope & Birth Chart



The namesake app of astrologer and best-selling author Chani Nicholas features interactive workshops to deepen your understanding of your birth chart.

Chani’s detailed charts and updates shed light on what makes you you.

Special stardust: There’s more to Chani than (really comprehensive) horoscopes. Current sky readings and weekly podcasts are tailored for rising signs rather than sun signs, and guided meditations and journal prompts are designed to lead you to a more centered, mindful life.

Stellar feature: With a single emoji, the Astroweather 7-Day Forecast’s “Current Collective Mood” gives you a sense of how others might be feeling based on the shifting of the cosmos.

    CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

    Learn, Reflect, Grow, Heal