New Games We Love

Marvel Future Revolution, Relumine, Behind the Frame, and more.

Looking for something fresh to play? Here are a few of our faves.

‣ Alternate-dimension Avengers, assemble! In Marvel Future Revolution’s gorgeous action-RPG world, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain America, and other heroes fight to save the multiverse from classic villains like Red Skull and Ultron. Amazing customizability lets you outfit your heroes in a vast array of skill-boosting gear—and you’ll need all the help you can get when you’re trading repulsor blasts in epic 10v10 fights.

‣ Solving Relumine’s curious puzzles takes a shift in perspective. Rotate this strange world to ascend and descend platforms in an abandoned mine filled with curious crystals, mysterious spirits, and a giant shadow in hot pursuit. Stuck? Make sure you’re standing in the right place before you twist!

‣ Step behind the frame in this beautiful tale of a young artist completing her first gallery work. Paint and retouch pieces while exploring a home bursting with art and interesting puzzles. Solving those keeps the story moving and unlocks cinema-quality animated vignettes.

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