TestFlight for Mac Is Here!

Testing your Mac apps just got a whole lot easier.


Beta testing made simple


It’s time to level up your app-testing tool kit: TestFlight is now on Mac.

By making it easy to distribute beta versions of your apps—and even easier for testers to provide feedback—TestFlight has long been a developer favorite on iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. And now Mac developers can improve their apps using the same tool.

Here’s why developers and beta testers alike love TestFlight.

For developers

TestFlight makes it simple to invite up to 10,000 external testers via email or public link, both of which can optionally distribute different builds of your app to different groups of testers. The TestFlight App Review team can help ensure your new app meets the Guidelines before you even start user testing.

Or use TestFlight to distribute internal versions of your app to up to 100 members of your team. Either way, you can also use the app to test iPhone and iPad apps on Mac with the Apple M1 chip. Plus, TestFlight allows you to build against the latest SDKs and validate on future versions of macOS.

TestFlight for Mac gives users all the info they need to download and test your app.

Use your app’s Test Information page in App Store Connect to provide important information to your testers, including features and workflows to try. Users can provide direct feedback as they begin testing, including logs and system information.

For testers

Testing an app via TestFlight helps make the apps you love even better: You can provide feedback directly to the developer on what you like, what you don’t, what works well, and what doesn’t—all before the app is available to the public.

Sending that feedback is literally a snap: Whenever you take a screenshot of a TestFlight-provided beta app, one of your sharing options will be Share Beta Feedback. And if a beta app crashes, you’ll be prompted for comments and context about what you were doing at the time.

When testing an app in TestFlight, Apple sends crash logs, usage information, and your feedback to the developer to help them improve the app and related products. Apple may also use this information to improve our products and services.

Get started

For all the details on how to submit an app for beta testing via TestFlight, how to install and test beta apps, and how your data is handled, click the link below.


    Beta testing made simple