It’s a Final Fantasy Battle Royale!


RPG-Infused Action


One of the most beloved role-playing games of all time just got a spectacular spin-off.

Set prior to the events of Square Enix’s groundbreaking Final Fantasy VII, the action-packed FFVII The First Soldier drops you back into the world of Midgar as you attempt to establish yourself in Shinra’s elite Soldier unit.

But this time you’re not managing a party of adventurers—you’re duking it out against up to 75 other players in winner-takes-all battles. Featuring familiar sights and sounds from Final Fantasy VII, the game puts a clever spin on the battle royale genre that still feels very much like Final Fantasy. Here are just a few of its finest features:

Soar into Midgar—and get ready for a fight.

Spectacular sights

Final Fantasy VII aficionados, pack your bags! FFVII The First Soldier features some of the most recognizable locations in Midgar, including the church where Cloud and Aerith meet, Don Corneo’s mansion, and the Sector 7 undercity, where the members of Avalanche reside. And if you need to get a move on, hop on a Chocobo and leave the bad guys in the dust.

Go in hot, or hang back and pick your spots.

Stylish fights

All soldiers are not created equal. As in any classic RPG, play as one of five different classes (called “styles”), each with unique abilities. Swing mighty swords as a Warrior. Fling potent spells as a Sorcerer. Double-jump to great heights as a stealthy Ninja. There’s no wrong choice!

Magical mayhem

In addition to standard battle royale weaponry, Midgar is filled with Magic Materia that power wild special attacks. Whip up a poisonous fog with Bio, freeze your enemies in place with a well-timed Blizzard, or knock out flying baddies with an Aero spell. And if you’re lucky, you might happen upon Summon Materia used to call forth epic allies like the legendary dragon Bahamut.

If human opponents don’t get you, the monsters just might.

Monsters, everywhere!

You’re not just fighting other players—in true Final Fantasy fashion, Midgar is also home to vicious beasts. Fans will recognize the likes of fire-flinging, self-destructing Bombs and mechanized Cutters armed with spinning saw blades. The good news: Taking down these foes boosts your maximum health and magic limits. Don’t fear a fight—it could give you much-needed experience!


    RPG-Infused Action